Founded in 1987, Clevertech is located in Emilia Romagna, near the town of Reggio Emilia, in the so called packing valley due to the presence of many OEM companies specialized in packing equipment. Clevertech plant stretches over 10.000 square meters.

CLEVERTECH is a leader in the automation sector, able to design and manufacture customized systems for Front and End of Lines Automation.

CLEVERTECH group design and produce palletizers, depalletizers, and integrated handling systems for a wide variety of industries with customized equipment designed to meet the most specific requirements in terms of productivity and technical features.
CLEVERTECH has a team of 150 talented resources, working together to produce exceptional results, focusing on mutual support and exchange of experiences.
Worldwide presence - Close to our customers, both for the pre-order phase and after-sales service. Thanks to our headquarters in Europe, North America and Asia, Clevertech is never too far away from our customers, developing our market with the help of well-prepared, proactive professionals.

Customer focused - Develop a strong and long-lasting partnership with our customers to offer solutions designed to meet the demands of the market.
Holistic approach - A key engineering approach which takes into consideration all aspects of a packaging handling system. Maximized performance - Ensure high standards in terms of quality, reliability, safety and achievement of installations.