Tosa Group knows how to see where others simply look and it can open your eyes

Italian group, family-owned, among the leaders in the end-of- line market, Tosa Group is able to meet every need for stabilization and safety of loads, whether palletized or not, with its complete range of wrapping machines, strapping machines, shrinking machines and pallet handling systems in 115 countries.
Tosa Group thirsts for knowledge and it is not going to settle for less, it is aware that there is no final destination.
Tosa Group doesn’t stop at "it has always been done this way", for over 40 years it has observed the market with a critical eye, anticipating its needs. The end-of-line is Tosa Group’s playground and it is the maximum experts in the field thanks to its ability to never stop asking questions and always finding solutions.
There is always room for innovation, and a change in perspective is the best way to discover new approaches.

Tosa Group is the guardian angel of your goods.
You give life to your product, with the utmost care, and Tosa Group protects it until the moment it reaches the consumer, exactly how you would do it.

Building reliable and long-lasting machines, products of innovation, able to bear with maximum efficiency the stabilisation and protection of any palletised load.

Tosa Groups knows how to finalize your work to the best, anticipating problems and proposing effective and innovating solutions for any kind of market or field.

Tosa Group doesn’t fear any comparison
Thanks to its know-how and the need for innovation that guides the group, Tosa Group produces machines that are aimed at solving problems and are virtually immune to problems. When you buy a TOSA Group machine you can forget about it, with the awareness that it will protect all of your loads just as you would until they reach their destination. The secret of excellence:
• Maximum efficiency
• Minimum maintenance
• Maximum savings
• Minimum environmental impact
• Maximisation of the ROI
• Great reliability
• Ability to anticipate the needs of the market
• Italian excellence
• Attention to relationships: family-run business
• Over 40 years of experience
• Company of young, enthusiastic and involved people

Innovation starts from your needs
The most effective products grow on-field, breathing potentiality, threats and opportunity. Tosa Group is close to you, it knows the market and it fully understands every little change. It accepts every challenge, analyzing it with the eyes of who is looking at the world from several points of view. Specializations melt together and TG R&D department is characterized by an unrelieved excitement.
Much space is dedicated to empirical evidence and to laboratory data analysis.