In 1965 Universal Pack enters the world of automatic sachet machines. In these 50 years, the company has created innovative solutions for a budding sector, upon which has left a tangible mark by creating the most effective technologies for packaging and becoming the leading manufacturer of automatic vertical sachet machines among the best companies in the packaging industry.

Precision, efficiency, reliability and mechanical durability are the characteristics for which the company is known all around the world. The companies’ packaging machines and complete lines for primary and secondary packaging can produce sachets sealed on all 4 sides, shaped, stick-packs and boxes, from flat blank as well as pre-glued cartons.

Universal-pack designs, manufactures and assembles all types of machines at our factory in Italy: automatic vertical sachet machines, standard machines, customized stand-alone machines with ad hoc dosing systems, modular lines and integrated lines for the primary and secondary packaging sector, to package many products with the most varied chemical-physical characteristics.
The company can be considered as a single supplier for complete automatic lines, offering the design solution that best suits your needs.

Thanks to the careful selection and testing of high-quality materials and precision finishing, the production process focuses on high quality equipment corresponding to GMP standards. Packaging project requirements are carefully examined by a team of experts in close collaboration with the customer, to identify the best technical solution with which to achieve competitive advantages.

In 50 years, the company has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to produce machines for all industry sectors: food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical and cosmetics.